Our faculty was established by the Council of Ministors Decision No 98/11641 according to the annexed Article 30 of Decree Law No 2809 of 23 September 1998 in place of Sinop Maritime Faculty which was established according to Article 18/c of Decree Law No 3837 of 1 July 1992.

The proposal of Ondokuz Mayis University Senate to open the Departments of Mathematics, Physics, and Biology, by resolution dated 28.01.2000 and numbered 2000/9, was submitted to the Council of Higher Education and the proposal of the Ondokuz Mayis University Senate, by resolution dated 15.06.2000 and numbered 2000/23, for student recruitment to the Departments of Mathematics and Statistics for the academic year 2000-2001, were accepted by the Council of Higher Education and the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Sinop University started its education  on 25 September 2000 with these undergraduate programs in the service building shared with the Faculty of Education, Sinop University which was allocated to Ondokuz Mayis University by the Ministry of National Education. After the academic year 2003-2004, our 5010 sqm old building allocated to Ondokuz Mayis University by the approvements of the Ministry of National Education dated 24.09.2004 and numbered B.08.ÖEG. and the Sinop Governorate dated 25.06.2003 and numbered 11616, which was located in Osmaniye Village, Nasuhbasoglu Location, 12km away from the city center and  built on a land of 20900.28 m2 and was built by I.M.K.B. as Sinop Anatolian Teacher High School and was transferred to our faculty, consisted of 13 Classrooms, 10 Labs, 1 English Language Class, 1 Computer Laboratory, and 21 Office Units. Our 7500 sqm new building continues to be used for education consisting of 13 Lecture Rooms, 1 Computer Laboratory, 1 Laboratory, Conference Hall, Canteen, Student Dining Hall, Staff Dining Hall, 1 Meeting Room, 2 Seminar Rooms, 1 Student Internet Hall and Photocopying, and 42 Academic and Administrative Offices.

Sinop University was established by the law numbered 5662 published in the Official Gazette dated 29 May 2007 and numbered 26536 and the Faculty of Arts and Sciences affiliated to Ondokuz Mayis University was attached to Sinop University under the same law.